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Control System Software, Design, Service and Support.  DuraCom engineers are ready to assist you no matter how simple or complex your system may be.  Whether your system is a conference room, a multi-purpose room, a home theater, or an entire home system, we can help you. We have all of the resources, experience and technical knowledge to create a custom control system just for you.


Commercial or residential installations?  Educational, Governmental, or Op Center systems?  Simply send us an equipment list, a hand sketch, AutoCad drawings, or for those fast paced jobs, "napkin cad", and we can review your entire system to insure your installation goes as smoothly as possible.


DuraCom will provide you all the required software and documentation for your control system.  A DuraCom engineer will work with you and assist you in downloading the software, testing the system, and adding any "last minute items" that may pop up.

  • Programming

  • Onsite support and commissioning

  • Remote support

  • GUI design

  • Module development

  • System Configurations

  • DM commissioning

  • Fusion commissioning

  • Lighting System commissioning

Certifications / Memberships:


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